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Traveling to developing countries will change your perspective

I have gone on short term missions (10 days to 2 weeks) for 6 years.   I have been to Africa, Myanmar and the Philippines.  I highly recommend a trip to a third world country, it will give you new perspectives and change the way you view yourself and the world you live in.  Traveling with a Christian group can make the prospect even more exciting.  God likes to show up when we get out of our comfort zones.  God used me to heal people with headaches and one women who had a goiter, the goiter shrank under my hand until it was gone completely.  Now that blew my mind and hers too... it was Wonderful!!!  I don't want that to be my last experience and I long to be used by God in that way again here in the states.  I know God wants to reveal himself to all of us if we just listen to Him and take that first step.  This website is an act of Faith that I started initially when my job ended so I could work from home.  Now I want to use it to help Christians in developing countries prosper an…